The Good Bad Mother (DVD) Review

The following information is revealed in the opening of The Good Bad Mother that will stay with you throughout the whole show. Pigs rub themselves with the waste of themselves and this is a behavior that comes from the fact that pigs have been housed in pens filled with poop humans.
The show then focuses on Youngsoon’s and Kangho’s turbulent relationship. From bullying at school, college entrance examinations, all the way to their very first crushes, this is the tale of Youngsoon’s and Kangho’s turbulent relationship. Unlike most K-dramas, characters aren’t confined to archetypes in this show.
Unfortunately, an accident has a devastating effect on an ambitious prosecutor with the mind of a child
18 again สนุกไหม
The Good Bad Mother explores the complicated relationship between a mother and her son. Young Soon, a pig farmer, pushed Kang-ho to his limits so to ensure that he didn’t end up as her husband. The effort paid off. Her son, who is a prosecutor who had a bad attitude to her, made a name for himself in the process.
Despite his success, Kang-ho’s mind is still that of one of the children. His lack of mental maturity and emotional intelligence can cause him to get into trouble at work, and the prosecution office refuses to offer him trial evidence because they feel he’s not competent for the position.
The script on this show is fantastic- no character is relegated to the typical archetypes of K-drama, and it feels like a refreshing experience to get involved in the characters you would never be able to in real life. It is adept at navigating switch between funny and tragic ones. The shift in the tone is never uncomfortable to the viewers.
Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) and Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun) take on a trip to heal their relationship
Lee Do-hyun (who captivated the audience with The Glory on Netflix, has returned with another touching story about the bond between parents. Ra Mi-ran is a young farmer of pigs Young-soon and she wants to make her son Kangho an attorney. This is achieved by giving her son Kangho a better education.
She robs him, however they are deprived of the motherly love she needs, which strains their connection. If tragedy strikes, and the man loses memory it is then that he reverts back to his 7-year-old self.
Young-soon along with him begin the journey to rebuild their friendship. The viewers will be moved by the story of these two characters when they are afflicted with a variety of losses.
Kang-ho would like revenge
Kang-ho struggles in obtaining the trial papers for his father. Although he’s a probationary judicial officer, officials refuse to give him access since he is not a part of the trial. He discovers Oh Tae Soo’s information in the ruling in the document and immediately begins to collect dirt about her. Meanwhile, Mi-joo is grappling over her feelings towards Kang-ho, as he casually talks to her over drinks. She is annoyed, and she warns him to stay far from her.
While waiting, a fisherman finds a dead infant and yellow-white stripes bag washed up at the shore. Next day, the mother of the child arrives to retrieve her baby. This puts Kang-ho’s plan in jeopardy as the deadline for filing his father’s trial is due to expire shortly. He’s eager to take revenge regardless of the fact that Young-soon has warned him of the risks. In a letter sent to the mother of his son, he explains that the revenge he took was not intended for him but rather for her.