Avocado and Coffee Face Mask

benefits-of-avocado-for-facial-skin-care-benefits-avocadoAvocados are one of the most beneficial superfoods around. While mostly known for being the leading role in guacamole, or the tasty sidekick of poached eggs, avocados are also great when used in homemade beauty products. Today, we’re going to show you how to make an awesome avocado and coffee face mask that will leave your face looking bright and flawless.

Why Avocado and Coffee?

Before we start, let me explain some of the benefits of applying avocado and coffee to your skin. With its healthy fats, avocado is a great ingredient for moisturizing your skin. It contains high amounts of Vitamin A and E which keep your skin both nourished and protected. The coffee granules in the mask leave your skin feeling extra invigorated. Think about how you feel after a double shot of espresso? By applying coffee to your face, your skin will feel just as alive! The high caffeine acid concentration found in coffee helps increase collagen production and has anti-inflammatory properties. The result? Beautiful, brighter, tighter skin.coffee grounds

By using healthy ingredients that you can find in your fridge, you can avoid all the nasty chemicals found in store bought face masks. If you can put it in your body, you definitely don’t need to worry about putting it on your face! This mask is chemical free, completely natural and vegan-friendly, too.

Here’s how to make it.

Step 1

Take one ripe avocado and mash it up. We love to use an extra ripe avocado as it will mash up really easily. If you have left your avocados lying out for too long, this is a great way to use them up.

Step 2

When your avocado is super smooth and lump-free, add your coffee. For a small-sized avocado, take one tablespoon of coffee. For a large-sized avocado, use two tablespoons. Make sure that the coffee you use is real ground coffee. The instant stuff is nowhere near as good for you (inside or out) so you can’t expect the same results.

Step 3

When your mask is ready, you need to prepare your skin for its application. Begin by cleaning your skin using your usual cleansing method. Ensure that you’ve removed every trace of dirt and makeup. Gently pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel.

Step 4

Apply a generous layer of the avocado and coffee face mask to your skin. Leave it for 30 minutes.

Step 5

If you want an extra luxurious experience, why not chop up a couple of cucumber slices for your eyes? This will reduce any swelling, puffiness or dark circles you might have.

Step 6

To avoid blocking your drains, remove the mask from your face by throwing the remnants into a Tupperware tub. (Bonus tip- don’t bin it! Keep it and use it again later as a hair mask.) Cleanse your skin, again, as normal.

Step 7

When all of the face mask has been removed from your face, moisturize your skin as normal.

So, there you have it. An easy, budget-friendly and chemical-free way to bright, tight, beautiful skin.